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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: Why would we make changes if we are satisfied with the profit we're making now?
A: Time does not stop for anyone. Boykin Consulting Services' analysts are highly trained in finding areas to cut waste, improve productivity and maximize profitability, in the present and the future. Your greatest benefit may come from time management, allowing you and your employees a better quality of life while assuring the company will continue to make money in the years ahead.

Q: Is our company too small for your services?
A: No! Regardless of size, there is room for improvement in any business. Our affordable analysis program may be all you need to put your business back on track.

Q: I am happy with my employees and very loyal to them. Do most consultants come in and fire staff to reduce expenses?
A: Most likely your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Boykin Consulting Services works with your employees to maximize their productivity, finding solutions that enhance your existing staff’s overall performance. Recommendations to terminate staff are rare, and only made when factual data would support such an action.

Q: Our business is unique; how would your services be effective?
A: We believe that all businesses are different. Boykin Consulting Services will work with you to determine your individual needs by performing an objective Comprehensive Business Analysis and give you an unbiased evaluation on what you should expect from your company. Our findings are factual, and our recommendations are custom-tailored to produce positive changes in your operations.

Q: I do not want my vendors or competitors to know about the problems in my business. Do you share my information with other companies?
A: Absolutely not! Our work is kept strictly confidential. We will not even reveal the fact that we are in your business. In addition, we never sell, rent or release any client information to outside sources.

Q: Have you ever worked with a company in our industry?
A: Our staff has worked with thousands of businesses in various types of industries. Even though the technical aspects of companies vary, the fundamentals are the same. Businesses exist for one reason, to make profit and the solutions we provide are created around the unique needs of our clients.

Q: If customer demand is our major problem, can you still help?
A: Boykin Consulting Services can help you increase your market share of available business. In addition we help many companies position their business to target new markets and new customers. Today's technology allows many types of businesses to compete in wider or even global marketplace.

Q: Will the Business Analyst need financial information from previous years during the analysis?
A: Yes, the more detail and records of past financial situations the better. Our analysts and consultants utilize both historical and current financial information in order to establish quantitative and qualitative analysis of specific areas in your business. We use historical information to identify positive and negative trends, make factual recommendations and benchmark performance to measure future improvements.

Q: What if we are in our busy season and can't afford to take the time out of our schedules to work with the consultants?
A: Actually, when your business is generating the most volume (and probably expense), it is one of the best times for our Business Analysts and/or Business Consultants to observe your company and make effective recommendations on procedures and systems. Our staff is trained to perform their duties without making a negative impact or interrupting operations.

Q: Are management consulting services a tax deductible expense?
A: In most cases, investing in business consulting services are considered by the IRS to be a tax deductible expense.


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