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Today's small to medium sized businesses face many issues that influence their ability to maintain profitability. The challenges include: the economy; rapid technological advancements; low-priced overseas labor; and the competition, including super-sized corporations like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and large food/restaurant chains. Boykin Consulting Services specializes in helping small to medium sized companies operate profitably in all conditions, working with each client in a step-by-step process to determine their needs and develop solutions.

BCS Business Review™
Our initial consultation with clients is really a review of their operations, from the client's perspective. But using our unique approach, the BCS Business Review™ allows the business owners to quickly identify company needs, and determine where they need to focus their efforts in making improvements. Until this process takes place, neither the client nor our firm could be sure if there are areas that require further investigation.

BCS Comprehensive Business Analysis
Before we can make any recommendations or develop strategies for improvement, we must first have a clear understanding of a company's current and past performance. By quantifying the performance in each key area of the business, the BCS Comprehensive Business Analysis will determine what "is" and what really "should be", revealing the best course of action to achieve maximum potential.

Our business analyst will follow a highly developed process to diagnose problems and measure performance within an organization. This detailed investigation looks at the entire operation, including: financial/accounting, sales/marketing, employee morale/productivity, management method, customer service and everything in between. No stone is left unturned.

Upon completion of the analysis, all findings are documented in a report and discussed in detail. It is then up to the owner if additional help from our consultants would be beneficial.

Business Solutions
Should you choose to engage Boykin Consulting Services in a customized Business Solution, our staff will take an active approach to help solve your company's issues. We will assist your business in developing and implementing in-depth, working solutions, and stay through the process until those solutions are in place and producing results. Qualified business consultants, including a dedicated Project Manager, will work with you, on-site, to design effective solutions to each individual problem.


We remain on-site and work until the program is fully operational. Ongoing support is included, and we follow up regularly after implementation to insure that programs and systems are running smoothly. It is our commitment to quality.

The end result is a unique, practical working program, implemented in a timely manner for your specific business needs. At Boykin Consulting Services, it is our mission to help you form an operation that functions in a way you may have felt before to be impossible.


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