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About Boykin Consulting Services 


 Our Mission: Turn problems into opportunities.

Boykin Consulting Services was founded by Perry Boykin to offer a complete range of services for the clients of his sales development, marketing and Internet consulting firm. He realized that even with an increase in sales volume, many of his clients were still struggling with the rest of their operations. They were lacking good fundamental business practices, and many found themselves still on the treadmill, despite sharp increases in volume and expansion of their marketplace.

With "management consultants" as an integral part of the talented team of experts, Boykin Consulting Services is able to implement complete solutions that deliver a positive impact on the client's entire operation. By utilizing solution-focused interventions, BCS successfully develops generative solutions that go beyond original expectations and raise performance to levels that before were not possible.

The focus of Boykin Consulting Services is on the needs of small to medium sized, privately held businesses (SMBs). Although we are growing, our company is a small group of professionals. We have no desire to be the "Largest Consulting Firm" or have hundreds of thousands of clients. We strive to do the best job possible for each of our clients, and deliver complete satisfaction in the work we perform. Our services are completely confidential. BCS will not reveal the fact we are working with our clients to anyone outside their company.


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